Fallout at MSG - part duex

3.12.08 Posted by Black n Gold
Wednesday night was another dreary one at Madison Square Garden. It was really exciting when some of the dirtballs from New York began cheering "Crosby sucks" then Sid turns around with a dish to Mark Eaton. While the Pens looked like they were controlling the flow and had a handle on the Rangers, again the lead slipped through the tips of their gloves. Something about that building is cursed this season when it comes to the Penguins, at least we don't have to go back until January 5.

The one point hardly makes up for the injuries which we will have to wait further details on, but at least is wasn't two, right? From the get-go something just didn't appear right at The Garden. Since when does Eric Godard have a tough time landing punches, when he has 52 seconds to work with? Ohh why didn't you just go down to the AHL Prucha?

It's looking more and more like maybe Jagr wan't carrying these guys as much as once thought...
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