Spezza Leads Sens Over Pens

7.12.08 Posted by Black n Gold
Another disappointing loss for the boys of winter.

Sometimes the bounces just don't go your way and yesterday afternoon in Ottawa was no exception. Don't get me wrong, the Senators were playing hard and battling for pucks, but in all honesty, Jason Spezza's goals weren't all that impressive. Again, it appeared that the Penguins came out a little flat and waited to turn it on until the last possible moment. We have seen the potential these guys have, it's just getting frustrating that they don't play the entire game sometimes. Although we would gladly take a W coming from behind or leading throughout, this suspense has to start taking a toll on us. Heart doctors all around western PA will be over worked if this keeps up.

Eric Godard did his part to help energize the team. His boxing match that took place after Spezza's second goal with Chris Neil may have been one of his best fight wins so far this season...
Eric Godard v Chris Neil 12/06/08

It was looking promising for the Pens after Staal scored in the second. Congrats to Jordan on his 50th goal. You would have thought this was the spark that could ignite the comeback, but then the momentum was deflated when Ottawa responded right back. Geno's shorthanded goal was probably one of the best highlights from Saturday. It was good to see Malkin register a goal after what seems like a good while. Geno added to his points lead, now totaling 43 on the season with 11 goals and 32 assists. After Malkin's goal, again we were playing really hard and put up quite a few quality scoring chances toward the end. The puck just wouldn't go past Auld when we needed it to.

As a side note, did you guys hear when they were talking about skating down the canals around Ottawa? No matter how much you hate losing to the Senators, you have to muster up some respect for people can skate to work or school.
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