Tim Wallace and the Time to Shine

18.12.08 Posted by Black n Gold
Tim Wallace pittsburgh penguins roster photo
The return of MA Fleury may be making the biggest headlines around the NHL and certainly a welcome sight for Pens fans everywhere.  However, there is another underlying story taking shape that could impact, at least, the upcoming few games.

With Stone and Taffe being recalled we have a lot to watch for tonight.  Judging from this week's practices, these guys will be playing on the fourth line with Eric Goddard.  While it will be cool to see how they do with yet another chance at a liitle more ice time on the big stage, the real story is Tim Wallace, who we are going to see a significant amount of against the Thrashers.  Wonder if his parents will make the trek from Palin-country down to the A.T.L.?

tim wallace big shot

Wallace will be playing up with Staal and Cooke creating a line in which all have the daring ability to risk going for the big play at any time.  The only worry is that all of these guys press hard, we will probably have to rely on the D quite a bit when third line is on the ice.

With all of the forward shifting going on between the Pens and AHL it may be time to start wondering about what the roster freeze may hold.  Is Shero now kicking himself for not signing a forward sitter?  Will we be making a move for another Hossa-esk forward with the impending deadline after the freeze?  Let the rumors begin to swirl folks.
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