Cooke Chomps on the Ducks

17.1.09 Posted by BeB

With a sliding record and an abundance of injuries, we needed an unlikely hero to step up against the Ducks on Friday night. Matt Cooke grabbed a goal with 20 seconds left in the first period and about 20 into the second period. The belief bestowed upon him from coach Therrien when he was bumped to the first line along side Crosby and Malkin for Wednesday's game against Washington, must have been a huge confidence builder. In the last two games Cooke has picked up three goals and an assist.

It seems that when superstars Crosby and Malkin, or in last nights line-up Malkin and Sykora are grabbing all the attention, players like Matt Cooke can really step up and play hard. It felt like the crowd at Mellon Arena was really into the game last night for the first time in awhile and I think everyone was looking for the first Cooke hat trick. Geno and Sykkie were doing their part to give it to him and he had plenty of opportunities, something Sykora can identify with. Hopefully we can ride this momentum and see it happen on Sunday. If you're heading out to the igloo, don't forget to bring your Terrible Towels to the game for one of the biggest days in Pittsburgh sports history.
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