Pens beat Thrashers Bad 3.17.09 and Fight

18.3.09 Posted by Black n Gold
Another amazing game last night. The Pens upended the streaking Thrashers 6 - 2 with strong play on offense, defense and in goal. It looks like the Penguins are running on all cylinders at just the right time of the year. Now tied with the Flyers at 84 pts, we are looking at (knock on wood) a potential first round series with our state-mates. While, thats a ways off the Pens just need to stay focused and keep winning games. More scenarios to come. Congrats to Geno on surpassing 100 points on the season with his 5 point showing. Speaking of Malkin...

The legacy of Evgeni Malkin's post-game interviews has become the high point to many Pittsburgher's game day entertainment. This is for two good reasons. One, they only interview Geno when the Pens win (so far) and two, he has such a, um, er unique way of putting things. Thank you Sarge for helping him with the English. Without Sergei's aid, none of these fantastic spots would likely be possible.

The St. Patty's night game was full of just about everything you'd want to see in a game. Your team winning in a dominating fashion, the defensive pair 2 on 1 for a Mark Eaton goal, Staalsy playing like a beast and controlling the puck as if his blade were glue, Crosby continuing to tally points, MAF making some huge saves, Malkin inches away from the hat trick, the penalty shot (even though it missed the net completely) and of course and good old fashioned hockey brawl!

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  1. Pittsburgh Penguins Said,

    Another great game and performance - Let's see that continue against the Rangers!

    Posted on 3/27/09, 4:47 PM


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