2008 Pens Tie Game 5: 36 Seconds

29.5.09 Posted by Black n Gold
This goal may be one of the most exciting I've ever witnessed.  Let this be motivation for the start of this year's finals rematch.  Talbot puts it in with 36 seconds left in the game.  We are back and stronger than ever.

Check out some of the comments if you click through to the YouTube page...wow
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2 Response to "2008 Pens Tie Game 5: 36 Seconds"

  1. Toad268 Said,

    Yes, this was a game of bounces. To be exact, three of them. All leading to Detroit goals. I believe that this game will prove to be the easiest for the Wings. They will see a whole new level of tenacity and drive in game two tomorrow night. I also don't see too many changes from our perspective. I like how we played. I don't like the back to backs, but it is out of our hands. I have confidence that the Pens will prevail. Don't worry.

    Read more » http://www.everythingpittsburgh.net/blogs/EP.php/2009/05/30/a-game-of-bounces#more139

    Posted on 5/31/09, 1:13 AM

  2. Anonymous Said,

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