Pens Power(less) Play Revived - Hopefully

25.11.08 Posted by bton24
Michel Therrien has proven that he just might have a knack for changing things up enough to re-ignite the sparks when necessary. We've seen him work his Canadian wizardry this season already when it came to finalizing lines and yanking M.A.F. to help him find his swagger back in the crease.
pens power play score more goals
Now he is at it again, trying to deliver a swift kick to the Pens power play. These guys have the ability to turn it on and the majority of these power plays just aren't approached with the urgency which they need to be. When you have guys that know they can open up a great scoring chance nearly on demand, how do you instill the fact that early and often is always better than too late?

Whatever analysis, reasoning or just plain excuses we can come up with are beside the point. The fact of the matter is we have the type of players that so many others are gunning for. When this opens the opportunities to draw penalties and take the man advantage we have to be able to convert. Having the leagues #15 power play is not Penguins hockey. Especially when they have proven they can step up and score as many goals as needed 5 on 5, a la Detroit.

Hopefully on Wednesday night, we will see the wheel turnin' seamlessly and tallies racking like we have come to expect. Maybe the fact is just that we really do miss Sergei Gonchar back at the point shotgunning blasts while the guys down deep draw attention and cause chaos with their crazy skills. For now it looks like Geno will fill that role again, which is at least exciting to watch. Good Luck.
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