Ryan Whitney - Return by Christmas?

24.11.08 Posted by bton24
Pittsburgh Penguins Defense man Ryan Whitney

Jingle Bells...Jingle Bells...Penguin's defenseman Ryan Whitney gave us some signs of hope for the week. Whitney took part in a portion of Friday's practice at Southpointe. While he did not put a time table for a slated return, Ryan did note that he is hoping to be back by Christmas...what a gift. If that were the case, he might make it back just in time to handle New Jersey on the 26th.

While we can't really complain about the job Brooks, Goligoski, Letang, Gill and now Eaton and Boucher are doing, it will be a greater day for hockey with Whitney and Gonchar back on the blue line.

It's hard to believe that we haven't even seen Ryan Whitney skating since the Stanley Cup Finals against the Detroit Ninnies. How hard will it be for him to integrate his play with some of the newer guys? We will know in a short while, but props to Whit for being eager to get back out there and start gelling with the team again.

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