Keep Rockin' the Vote

16.12.08 Posted by Black n Gold
NHL Allstar Game Voting 12/16/08
As of today (12/16) at 9:00 a.m. the Pens appear to be holding strong in the forwards ballot. It looks as though the Habs dirty, ill-fated attempts to spam the voting still weren't enough to disguise the two best forwards in the East, and maybe league overall (depending on who you ask).

The goalies spot for the Eastern conference is still attainable. Let's get the Flower the start! Even though he's been out with the groin injury, he still has time to prove himself to the rest of the hockey community...even though we already know he deserves it.

See up to the minute results at the official Allstar Game Results Page and be sure to vote while you're there. If you haven't signed up yet...What are you waiting for? This could be electoral history, imagine Sid, Geno and M.A.F. on collectors plates, coins and god knows whatever else they've thrown Obama's pic on to swindle folks out of their cash. Seriously though, let's stick it to the Habs fans guys and get the Pens the respect they deserve.
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