Lovejoy has Big Skates to Fill

9.12.08 Posted by Black n Gold
Injuries continue to plague the Penguins. This afternoon it was announced that Pens defenseman Hal Gill will miss 2 to 4 weeks with the right shoulder injury he suffered in the loss the Ottawa last weekend. Skills Gill's size and reach will be most missed, his skating, maybe not so much...

Ben Lovejoy NHLFilling in for the S.S. Hal Gill is Ben Lovejoy. His NHL debut was a solid one in the Pen's heart-wrenching loss to the Sabres. On Monday night, Lovejoy racked up about 10 minutes of ice time and ended the night +1. Lovejoy took a nasty hit late in the second period from Clarke MacArthur, but it was good to see that he bounced back up quickly, as Geno then stepped in to retaliate.

Side note: Supposedly Ryan Miller is making accusations that one of the refs last night had some fine comments for the net minder..."To be honest, I was respectful. I asked him a question and he told me maybe I should "go [bleep] myself." Read more here

Ben is also a lil bit tech savvy, or at least enough so to maintain his blog. He hasn't posted for a little while although it claims to be a 'weekly column', but you can find some of his insight at

With Ben Lovejoy, comes the addition of another New Englander to the Pens defense. While the city of Pittsburgh as a whole probably has a tough time thinking of any region they despise more, the Pens have relied on the area's hockey skill to keep the defense strong. Gill, Lovejoy and Whitney all hail from the Northeast, but it is unlikely they will all be around at the same time. 

Speaking of Ryan Whitney, word is that he is completing practices and is expected to be back near the end of this month. We will have to wait and see what Ray Shero decides to do, but with all of these quality defensemen we've got in the ranks, there is some strong trade opportunity taking shape.
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