Mad Max: Superstar or Womanizer?

10.12.08 Posted by Black n Gold
Check out the new Max Talbot compilation video. Thanks to materializze for putting this gem together.

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3 Response to "Mad Max: Superstar or Womanizer?"

  1. teri springer Said,

    That is so great and Max is So crazy SEXY! What I wouldn't give to be 23 again!

    Posted on 12/11/08, 4:57 PM

  2. Irish Road Said,

    Hey ... I thought they only let superstars like me comment on this post ... chikki-chi, chikki-chi, chikki-chi

    Posted on 12/11/08, 10:22 PM

  3. Anonymous Said,

    ^^ lmao i agree

    i really dont get the obsession that fans (esp. female) give to these guys. its hockey for god sakes. i love it too, but i go for the game, not to man watch.

    Posted on 12/16/08, 1:01 PM


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