Marc Andre Fleury's Groin is Good to Go

15.12.08 Posted by Black n Gold
Marc Andre Fleury roster photo
The Penguins will soon again be playing with Flower Power at their backs.  Marc-Andre Fleury is expected to make his long awaited return Thursday night against Atlanta.  

Fleury was day-to-day for what seemed like an eternity, as a result of the groin pull from November 15 in the home win over the Sabres.  The Pens have been strong enough to not slip too far out of the Atlantic, but have certainly hit a rut since the injury.  Dropping 4 of the last 5 games and fading fast, the guys are in desperate need of rejuvination.

M.A.F. will bring back the dimension of enthusiasm and leadership that encourages the Pens to step their game up as they feed off of his saves.  While he has the ability to keep us in the game, the energy that the players gain from his goaltending presence is unmatched by any of our backups.  This is why Fleury makes the big bucks now after all.

Marc Andre Fleury big save
As much as we've waited for Fleury's return, it isn't necessarily the team's saving grace.  A revived power play is another critical key to the turnaround.  Perhaps Flower taking to the ice will again be that crucial spark that our young team needs.  All season long, we've seen tweaks, changes and events that have evoked significantly stronger play all around.  Therrien may have found the formula to the turn around that fans have been hoping for.  Resting up the guys after a vigoruos 7 game strech then returning to practice with Fluery could be a real difference maker.

Fluery's attitude to get back in the net is outstanding.  He says "The thing for me will be to just do my job. "Like I can. And like I should. If I do, I'm confident the team should do all right." Great to hear, now let's see it happen.
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2 Response to "Marc Andre Fleury's Groin is Good to Go"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Now, if we can just get Whitney back in the line-up during this 6 games in 10 day timeline we can get back on top.

    GO PENS!!

    Posted on 12/15/08, 3:19 PM

  2. bton Said,

    i like that attitude mattiej! and couldnt agree with you more. awesome videos btw

    Posted on 12/15/08, 5:51 PM


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