Anyone Missing Ruutu? Didn't Think So

7.1.09 Posted by Black n Gold
W.T.F?!?! Can you believe there was a time Pens fans actually could stand Jarko Ruutu? Yeah he was always a bad dude, but in all actuality he's just plain dirty. Even though the Sabres are slowly becoming a greater rival to us, left winger Andrew Peters certainly didn't deserve the chomping Ruutu gave his right thumb. It's hard to say if it was all that bad through the glove's leather, but none the less, uncalled for.

Prior to this insanity, one of our last positive memories of Jarko for Pens fans was sparking the irritation of Jaromir Jagr in the Rangers series last playoffs. No longer will that hold true. Ruutu has lost his mind and we are better off without him. Apologies to all those who wasted cash on his jersey.

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3 Response to "Anyone Missing Ruutu? Didn't Think So"

  1. Katie Said,

    it wasnt through the glove. the glove came off and he bit. ive talked to people who were outside the arena afterwards and Peters showed his thumb, there were teeth marks.

    Posted on 1/7/09, 8:11 PM

  2. Black n Gold Said,

    even worse! my goodness what an animal!

    Posted on 1/7/09, 9:02 PM

  3. Greg Said,

    nice blog, how can the pens blow a 3 goal lead... whats going on with our pp?

    Posted on 1/9/09, 1:15 PM


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