Jagr Would Return to Pittsburgh

12.1.09 Posted by Black n Gold
A slumping team in need of big change. A former Pens star looking for options. Could this be the spark we've been needing?

Jaromir Jagr KHLIt was one of the top stories around the league last year. Rumors of where Jagr could land were swirling until he finally made the decision to take off for the Kontinental Hockey League. The league isn't yet near NHL caliber, but none the less professional hockey is what it is. Jaromir continues his production with Avangard Omsk, leading the team with 44 points.

So what's the deal? The same sponsor that helped build each team's $24M salary cap has taken a hit with the worldwide oil and financial crisis. Although the higher salaries were a large drawing force in luring away former NHL players, it is now facing tough times to meet those expectations. In addition, Omsk's coach, Wayne Fleming abruptly left following the second period in a game on January 8th. Fleming then returned Sunday morning in an odd reappearance.

With the potential turmoil surrounding Jagr's team and league as a whole, the questions started to arise if an NHL comeback might be in the cards. While he doesn't sound sure of anything yet, he did confirm that he has been thinking about it. With a return to either the Rangers or the Pens. The most promising point of the interview is that he would play on the cheap. Check out the
Jaromir Jagr Pittsburgh Penguins excerpt from Yahoo Sports:

“I would just go there and play for them for the minimum salary,” Jagr said. “I owe Mario so much because he taught me how to play hockey. If he would want me to, I would come back for the minimum and try to help him. But he doesn’t need me. He has good players there.”

Although we don't like to perpetuate too many rumors, this story is worth passing along. The thought of Jagr retiring as a Pen is pretty cool. Not to mention, we are in desperate need of a winger that can tally points. Even though Jagr was boo'ed heavily and despised greatly during last season and into the playoffs, it could be totally different if he's back in black and gold. If Mario can muster up a deal, go for it.

Could it have just been a media stunt for the KHL All Star game? It's hard to be certain, but it seems like Jagr was genuine and $350,000 from his now $7M per season isn't something many players would bring up lightly.

Jagr Lemuiex Stanley Cup

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2 Response to "Jagr Would Return to Pittsburgh"

  1. Damian M. Romano Said,

    See, I don't think its a publicity stunt in the slightest. I'm thinking if it wasn't for the money (what 36 professional sports player can strike a deal for $7-8MM a year) he'd be in the NHL.

    Posted on 1/12/09, 8:48 PM

  2. PenguinsExperience.com Said,

    I would love to see Jagr back as a Penguin.
    I'm doubtful it will happen though, due to his contract in Russia.
    There is a chance that Jagr is speaking only to draw attention to himself, but I hope Mario made a call. It's worth a shot.

    Posted on 1/13/09, 12:37 PM


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