Pens Site Playoff Poll...Oh Rly?

16.4.09 Posted by Black n Gold
After the big win last night, it's inevitable that plenty of folks surfed on over to the Official Site of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Upon arrival all looks fine and in order. Just what you would probably expect from a team coming off an exhilarating game one victory. So you continue to browse, scanning down the right rail and KAPOW! What ever is this poll question?

penguins nhl homepage

Is it just me or are these results going to be slightly skewed? I'm wondering if this is a joke because the lack of radio button or other voting input method. As a huge fan and avid admirer of the work over at the Pens Official Site, Are you guys messin' with us??? LET'S GO PENS!
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2 Response to "Pens Site Playoff Poll...Oh Rly?"

  1. Damian M. Romano Said,

    I know right. When I put the poll up on Pens Universe I almost didn't bother putting the Flyers on there. Shockingly I've had 3 people vote for the Flyers. Although I'll be damned if anyone visits the Pens site and votes for the Flyers.

    Posted on 4/16/09, 12:51 PM

  2. Anonymous Said,

    Its not the New York Times, what do you expect?

    Posted on 4/16/09, 12:58 PM


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