Philly Fans = FAIL

20.4.09 Posted by Black n Gold
Flyers Fans Suck
Since the beginning of time, Pennsylvania has proven big enough for only one true sports town. When you look at Pittsburgh fans words come to mind like admiration, life long, respect, loyalty and love. Jaunt 6 hours or so east and the tables are turned...Philadelphia fans have absolutely no understanding of what it means to be passionate and embrace players of the teams they cherish. Long story short, Philadelphia fans are shitty.

Will Leitch, founder of Deadspin, hit the nail right smack on the head in "God Save the Fan". In his book, Leitch does a series of quick summaries describing the teams he references. Across Philadelphia teams, the definition goes something like this:
"Hates everything about the team, including the fans. Does everything possible to make sure playing for the Phillies is a miserable experience, and then excoriates anyone who might deign to play for a franchise and a fan base that makes baseball fun. Like the guy who is so mean to his girlfriend that he forces her to break up with him, then calls her a bitch for leaving him."

"God Save the Fan" is an interesting read challenging the 'ESPNification' of sports as we know them. Be sure to check it out if you haven't yet.

Here in the Burgh, we've known how it is. Glad to see the rest of the world is aware of this sporting travesty also known as Philadelphia.

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2 Response to "Philly Fans = FAIL"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Pissburgh has fans? Oh you must mean those bandwagon fans that jump off every time their team sucks...unlike Philly fans who stick it out even in the darkest times.

    Posted on 2/17/11, 2:49 AM

  2. price per head reviews Said,

    well contrary to what the guy who commented on here before me, yeah Pittsburgh club has fans and they have more than you think

    Posted on 5/7/13, 10:53 PM


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