Warning: The Kunitz Missile Crisis!

22.4.09 Posted by Black n Gold

Prior to the NHL trade deadline, Pens fans knew something had to happen. There was a vital piece missing from the puzzle inhibiting this talented young group from acheiving the one thing they set out to do, win games. We all know there were many components that aided in the revival of what looked at one point to be a wasted season. One of the main elements to the turn around can be summed up best as GRIT. This word has been thrown around quite a bit in reference to the play of Kunitz and Guerin, but what exactly does it mean?

The superstars of the Pens undoubtedly aren't affraid to step in and get their hands dirty, but it's not a trait they can keep up with constantly. Scoring masses of goals, handling the puck like velcro and passing with pinpoint precision are jobs tough enough, dealing with goons and enforcing for the team are just additional tasks they haven't got time for. Prior to the trades, Godard and Cooke were our main sources of serious brahn. But Chris Kunitz is a welcomed intermediary. With hands soft enough to score beauties yet strong enough to deliver knock out blows, he is able to establish a presence down low and hold his own in front of the cage.

The play of Kunitz has been contageous. From the time he got to Pittsburgh, along with Guerin, a noticible increase in drive and intensity has consistently presented itself. Hard hitting, rebound goals and opening up opportunities for offensive variations are all result of what we know as grit.

Playoff hockey is a beast in itself. Totally different from any regular season game, emotions are elevated and action is nonstop. Kunitz has exemplified what it means to step up in playoff situations. It seems like anytime he's close enough to deliver a hit, he does and each time it gets harder and harder. Hence the KUNITZ MISSILE CRISIS!!!

Some fun Twitter dialogue we had regarding Kunitz punishing the Flyers:

@JustinTruth - "Kunitz is building an ark with all the lumber he's throwing around."
@BleedBlacknGold - "@JustinTruth Maybe they should cast Kuntiz for next season of Ax Men ehh?"
@JustinTruth@JustinTruth - "If Kunitz can grow a beard like Talbot I think he would fit in perfectly on Ax Men."
@scatlett87 - "ditto, Kunitz and Staal hitting filthadelphia cryers every second they are on the ice!"

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  1. Damian Romano Said,

    Kunitz has been big. I'll be honest I didn't know much about him while on the Ducks. He'll be around a while.

    Posted on 4/22/09, 3:48 PM


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