Pens Injury Update

Geno is the latest addition to the injury list with a shoulder injury.
injury update

Pens Soundboards and Other Media

Enjoy some sounds from your favorite penguins players. Feel free to share your creations.

Heinous Hartnell

Scotty Hartnell turns to cannibalism in the first match up between the Pens and Flyers.
heinous hartnell

Pens Soundboards and Other Media

Enjoy some sounds from your favorite penguins players. Feel free to share your creations.

Rock Hoppers

Consol Energy Cam

Fleury Responds to Price Celebration

All in good fun...MAF posts a decent game then mocks Carey Price.

animated gif fleury mocks price


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Here We Go Steelers! Crosby w Terrible Towel

The ultimate Pittsburgh least for this week!

sidney crosby wave terrible towel


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No More Malkin...For 2-3 Weeks

You have to take the good with the bad sometimes and in the case of last nights 6-1 win over the Habs, Crosby's hat trick comes with a heavy price, Malkin is out for 2-3 weeks with a shoulder injury. For the full story check out the Pens site.

With all the injuries and Tyler Kennedy and Chris Kunitz not attending practice, we'll have a chance to see some of the depth within the system shine.


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Top Ten Pens Related Costumes

The Pens are playing some great hockey coming off the Stanley Cup win. What better way to commemorate the best team in the NHL than dressing up as one of your favorites for Halloween?

Over the past 42 years of the Penguins existence, we have welcomed countless great characters to our charished system. Some gruesome, some handsome, some..uhhh...unique and some flat out nasty! In the tradition of All Hallows' Eve, we decided to piece together a list of the top ten Penguins-related Halloween costumes.

Without further you have it:

10. Mike Lang

9. The Jazz Man

8. Brooks Orpik

7. Frank Pietrangelo

6. Jaromir Jagr

5. Mario Lemieux

4. Pens Patrol Dancer

3. Iceburgh

2. Cotton Candy Eerre Ken

1. Maxime Talbot


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How to Add a Pens Logo To Twitter

So you want to show your Pens fandom to the entire Twitterverse?

Adding a team logo to your Twitter avatar only takes a couple of minutes. The steps below detail how to add a Pens logo to your Twitter profile picture.

1. Locate the image you would like to apply the logo to.
If you would like to use your existing Twitter avatar, follow these steps:

  • Head over to

  • Login to your account and select the 'profile' link

  • Right-click on your avatar on the page and select 'save image as'

2. Download one of the avatar logo images below.
Right-click the image of your choice and select 'save image as'.

3. Fire up Photoshop or your favorite image editing application.
If you don't have an image editor, you might look into one of these:

  • online image editor

  • Gimp (free image editing software you will need to install)

  • If all else fails...Google it

4. Open your avatar image
5. Open the Pens logo image downloaded from above
6. Copy the Pens logo and paste it onto your avatar image
7. Position the pasted logo as desired
8. Save the new image
9. Upload via the 'settings' menu at
10. Thats it!

Now tweet it up in style and rep the Pens whenever you update!


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