Top Ten Pens Related Costumes

29.10.09 Posted by Black n Gold
The Pens are playing some great hockey coming off the Stanley Cup win. What better way to commemorate the best team in the NHL than dressing up as one of your favorites for Halloween?

Over the past 42 years of the Penguins existence, we have welcomed countless great characters to our charished system. Some gruesome, some handsome, some..uhhh...unique and some flat out nasty! In the tradition of All Hallows' Eve, we decided to piece together a list of the top ten Penguins-related Halloween costumes.

Without further you have it:

10. Mike Lang

9. The Jazz Man

8. Brooks Orpik

7. Frank Pietrangelo

6. Jaromir Jagr

5. Mario Lemieux

4. Pens Patrol Dancer

3. Iceburgh

2. Cotton Candy Eerre Ken

1. Maxime Talbot

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