Evgeni Malkin Soundboard v.1

1.5.09 Posted by Black n Gold

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16 Response to "Evgeni Malkin Soundboard v.1"

  1. Damian Romano Said,

    I love soundboards, and what better one to have than one for Geno! Great work guys.

    "Me, play good."

    Posted on 5/1/09, 7:42 AM

  2. Spony Said,

    now you just need to make some prank calls talking about my mom my dad. the intermittent background noise of a hockey game might throw them off though

    Posted on 5/1/09, 10:44 AM

  3. Anonymous Said,

    Ha ha I love it!!

    Posted on 5/1/09, 1:59 PM

  4. Entitynein Said,

    v2 really does need to have both the "Shoot more" and "Shoot Everybody" soundclips from that game... I was sure the shoot everybody line would be here, and was disappointed when it was just the shoot more half:


    Posted on 5/1/09, 2:09 PM

  5. Toad268 Said,

    This is awesome...check this out:

    Check Out these shirts!


    We should try to get a bunch out there to the game...


    Posted on 5/1/09, 2:23 PM

  6. aliza Said,

    Yeah I practiced this move and everytime I score..LOVE IT special guest cracked me up too

    Posted on 5/1/09, 7:25 PM

  7. Anonymous Said,

    An Evgeni Malkin soundboard?! This has got to be the best thing. . .


    Posted on 5/1/09, 8:17 PM

  8. Anonymous Said,

    not working anymore. the board wont load

    Posted on 5/2/09, 4:03 AM

  9. Anonymous Said,

    broken for me in IE8 and Firefox

    Posted on 5/2/09, 6:25 AM

  10. Anonymous Said,

    Three words: I LOVE THIS

    Posted on 5/2/09, 11:03 AM

  11. wrap around curl Said,

    I love it. Its amazing.

    Posted on 5/3/09, 4:58 PM

  12. Lauren Said,

    LOVE it!

    Posted on 5/4/09, 12:08 PM

  13. Black n Gold Said,

    Hope yinz all are enjoying the Geno Soundboard!

    Posted on 5/5/09, 1:37 AM

  14. Anonymous Said,

    It's not showing up. How do I get it to work?

    Posted on 5/5/09, 3:47 PM

  15. Anonymous Said,

    special guest....hahaha

    Posted on 5/22/09, 2:53 PM

  16. price per head reviews Said,

    haha I love this stuff!! and please you gotta tell me, how do you do it really?? please how you post that, I am clueless :S

    Posted on 5/7/13, 10:52 PM


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