Heinous Hartnell

9.10.09 Posted by Black n Gold

Last night the Pens met the Flyers for the first of many great hockey games to come. It's too bad Philly plays like dirtballs when they are losing because the game was high scoring and action packed for three full periods.

The Pens looked great right from the first puck drop. Crosby won 88% of face offs, they were connecting passes on every line, and Fedotenko put the pressure on in front of the Flyers net that led to them scoring on their own goal. The only problem the Pens had throughout the evening, again, was penalties.

The real story happened with a second left in the third period when Mike Richards intentionally ran into Fleury and laid on the ice in the fetal position inside the net thus causing another close quarters meeting between both teams. Scotty Hartnell can't refuse a fight so he and Kris Letang were going at it for a bit and Letang ended up on the ground without a glove on. Hartnell saw and opportunity and took a nomp out of Letangs ring finger. I have a feeling he was just jealous after he saw how pretty the Pens new jewelry was and wanted to get a piece for himself.
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  1. Anonymous Said,

    i just heard the he isn't going to be fined or punished...

    Posted on 10/9/09, 3:50 PM


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