Pens HD Radio: So Far So Good

7.10.09 Posted by Black n Gold

Since launching 10/1, 105.9 HD2 has been live and streaming Pens content all day everyday. So far the station is greatly surpassing my expectations.

Prior to going up, one could have easily imagined that this was just going to be an advertising centric channel with useless information to lure listeners in. As an avid listener of sports talk radio, I have to admit that I didn't think it would be all that great. To my surprise, the content is pretty good. As a fan, you are always eager to listen and learn news, stories, information and insight into your team. I should have known the Pens wouldn't disappoint.

One of the neat programs that run is the "Daily Player's Playlist". From 9 - 9:30 am you can hear some of the players favorite songs. I would like to hear a fan request segment similar to our Pens related playlist where all of you guys helped us compile the list of songs that remind us of games and the team.

Another surprise was Steve Mears. He does a solid job. Alongside Tom Grimm the two are entertaining and insightful. I think what makes it most interesting is listening to a fan who actually has broadcasting experience. Mears isn't just another one of us fans who knows a little about the team. He has the ability to captivate and hold your attention, which is good for an attention deprived individual such as myself.

Pens HD radio is another great example of why the organization has such a solid fan base. Just as the success of PensTV proved, the club is willing to bring in the people to get the job done. All of the folks that work with these programs, be it radio, tv and webisodes or site content are able to relate to fans. We want the inside scoop and they know how to deliver in creative and useful ways.

Definitley check out the station if you haven't yet given it a listen. Launch Penguins HD Radio
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2 Response to "Pens HD Radio: So Far So Good"

  1. Black n Gold Said,

    I like how they just loop it 24/7 too

    Posted on 10/7/09, 8:15 PM

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